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UFC on FOX 20 Fight Night Live Fight Results in Realtime


This looks like to be a great night of fighting coming up at 8pm

Alright here we go with the first fight of the night to start off the main card, Herrig will take on Curan and this fight looks to be a barn burner!! this fight will lead to who will take on the champ one day…the outcome coming soon….

after the main event kickoff stay tuned for the main event! UFConFox looks to be a great night of fights with Holm vs Schevchenko to see who can take on the Champ Amanda Nunes in the Bantamweight division

Here comes the main event, can Holly make a comeback to become a contender for Amanda Nunes the current bantamweight champion, oh don’t forget that Ronda is lurking somewhere and may get the shot first we will see…

Here we go both fighters are now in the Octagon, and fox goes to commercial? weird…

UFC on FOX 20 Main Event:
135 lbs.: Holly Holm () vs. Valentina Shevchenko ()

Rnd 1

both fighters come out feeling each other out, looks like holly is gun and kick shy, both fighters and front kicks, holly misses with kicks, valentina gets the first jab, holly gets a knockdown and valentina gets back up, valentina gets her jabs in, val gets in with right hook and is connecting, exchange kicks, valentina gets a knock down or throws down holly, now holly has the clinch on the cage, holly just pressing val to the cage, both come out center the cage,

Valentina gets Rnd 1 10-9 over Holm

Rnd 2

center of cage, both fighters are a little shy in this round, both kick and hit each other’s leg, val goes for a round house kick but misses, jabs are getting through for val, holly looks to miss a lot with her kicks, val goes for takedown but holly able to keep upright, both separate, val gets a great counter punch and holly goes for a jab and then val goes for back spinning fist, val connects with two punches and looks to control the round, body kick, right jab again by val, holly lost with right jab of val, and keeps missing with kick, back spinning fist by val and nice exchange by both fighters…

Valentina gets Rnd 2 10-9 over Holly

Rnd 3

Holly looks hurt coming out for this round, kick by val, another kick by val connects, right hand jab, back spinning fist again and just misses, kick to the face by val, superwoman punch by val, val gets an nasty takedown and holly is bleeding from top of right eye, val on top control, and wants to go for submission and holly desperately trying to get back up, val in complete control, val gets some GnP, val just pounding away with elbows, and getting some great GnP, val stays with top control,

Valentina gets Rnd 3 10-9 over Holly

Rnd 4

both fighters are shy, but val seems so cool and calm, leg kick by val, great combo by val, spinning wheel kick and lands on chin of holly, holly misses with kick again, val in complete control and timing, val getting may jabs through, holly has swollen left eye, val misses takedown, holly keeps it standing up, body kick by holly, both fighters land over the top punches, another left jab by val, val with leg and punch combo,

Valentina gets Rnd 4 10-9 over Holly

Rnd 5

here we go last round, both fighters land jab on each other, jab by val, holly misses with kick, superwoman punch by val and connects hard to holly’s chin, great combo by val in connecting with holly’s chin, spinning back kick by val to the body of holly, wheel kick lands on holly side of the face, combo’s by holly missing big time, val just pounding away on holly’s face, another combo by val just connecting, jabs are getting through, val just connecting with combos, wow

Val gets Rnd 5 10-9 over Holly


UFC on FOX 20 Main Card:
115 lbs.: Felice Herrig(11-6) Defeats Kailin Curran(4-3) By Submission (RNC) 1:59 Rnd 1 at #UFConFOX 20 #UFCChicago

Rnd 1

here we go, felice comes out with the first kick and hit and strikes blood first, lots of jabs by felice really  knocking curran back. curran comes and catches felice’s leg and kicks some good shots in and felice goes for the submission and felice gets the RNC in the first round

Rnd 2


Rnd 3

Did anyone think that Felice would make a comeback like that since being off for 465 days, crazy things always happen..

Curran according to some stormed out of the cage and was letting people know that she did not tap and was only working her way out of the submission, hey the ref calls it and that’s all you can do, Kailin all you can do is go back and figure what you did wrong.

Curran is 1-3 with the UFC and looks like this is her last fight with the UFC since the UFC only want winners or some that is a contender for the belt…


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