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UFC 198 Cyborg vs. Smith Live Fight Results in Real Time

UFC 198 Cyborg vs. Smith Live Fight Results in Real Time


Cyborg vs Smith fight results

Tonight on PPV Cyborg will be making her promotional debut against a tough opponent in Leslie Smith. Smith who lost part of her ear in a fight last year but was able to sew it back on and fight again is taking on the Baddest Woman on the Planet.

Cyborg and Smith both agreed to fight at 140lbs and they both weighed in at 139lbs at weigh-ins.

The main card has started and there are 2 fights before  Cyborg and Smith come up, Leslie is definitely the underdog in this fight but has said that she has something for Cyborg, we will see!

I really keep wondering if Leslie is really ready for Cyborg? what is the only to beat Cyborg? If we all remember the only thing that bothered Cris was Muay Thai, she had a hard time with Jorina Baars in her bout with her I wonder if fighters have studied that?, I guess we will see..

I hope that we see a good long fight I would love to see Cyborg get out of the 2nd round and make this fight something interesting..

Lots of fans and media are looking forward to this fight…I keep wondering what goes thru the mind of a fighter that is fixing to fight Cyborg?

I have always wondered what it would be like for Cyborg to lose a fight? who would be next? what does she do? is she just all hype? BTW I have always asked that question every time I watch Cyborg fight 🙂

I have found that this live post in real time works pretty good in IE not sure what’s up with Chrome but I am looking for a solution unless its working for everyone else but me….

Here we go, Leslie Smith comes out first to the “Doors” looks determined…

All lights go out when Cyborg comes out and now she’s walking to the cage and its very loud there!! Cyborg finishes the walkout by running to the cage!

The crowd is really into this fight card tonight, I am not sure if I have ever heard this loud in the U.S…..

They touch gloves

Rnd 1

here we go, cyborg stalks smith, cyborg strikes first and gets jabs in, leslie taking it, leslie missing her jabs, leslie smith gets tko’d by cyborg, well this was going to happen and it did.

There is a little controversy with smith as she was a little upset with how the fight was stopped, we will see…

Cyborg defeats Smith by TKO (Punches) 1:21 Rnd 1

Rnd 2


Rnd 3


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