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Shannon Knapp to be on the MMAHour Tomorrow


Looks like we will finally get the answer that everyone has been wanting to ask, When will Invicta have their next fight card?

Since there is only 5 weeks left in 2015 it looks like that we won’t see another card till 2016, but per sources Shannon spent some time in Las Vegas the past month working out details for 2016 and they are saying that there are big things coming for 2016.

Do we actually believe that? Not sure, we have heard that in the past and then we hear no word from Invicta for weeks on end till they finally post a card and we are shocked who is on the card and so on.

The future of Invicta is probably set and they have the next card set with everyone being hush hush about it till Shannon says something tomorrow.

Its like a secret organization waiting on Edward Snowden to leak out information on who is going to be card in increments and then people wonder why is this person not fighting on this card or why this match up.

So fighters are left in the hanging with their daytime jobs and their pursue of being a full time mma fighting is put on hold because Invicta cannot have a card at the scheduled time they say they are going to have it or there is some type problem with the venue and people are getting tired of seeing Invicta in Kansas.

There have been many suggestions of what Invicta should do but it seems they have laid out what they want to do and know what’s best for the company.

Lets hope that they have figured what to do for the next year and have at least a few fight cards ready to go with some title fights on it.

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