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Raquel Pennington vs Elizabeth Phillips Live Play by Play in Realtime


Raquel Pennington vs Elizabeth Phillips Live Play by Play in Real-time….

Raquel is the favorite for this fight, I believe Rocky can take this fight but will have to take it the long way, both are match perfectly in their style and can take some good punches which leaves the distance.

here we go!

Rnd 1

phillips gets first blood with leg kick, both fighters  feeling each other out, phillips has the clinch control, rocky hung up, phillips going for takedown but cannot secure it, rocky on clinch, knees by rocky, both fighters in clinch, knees by both in the clinch, now seperate, rocky gets a takedown, phillips did grab fence to keep from being taken down, phillips had rocky’s neck, rocky gets some good punches in

Rocky gets Rnd 1 10-9 over Phillips

Rnd 2

fight has opened up a little, rocky going for blood and getting some good jabs in, rocky has clinch control rocky has choke, phillips in trouble, rocky gives up, phillips on back, rocky getting back up, phillips has clinch control, rocky going for neck crank, phillips has clinch control, phillips going for takedown but just misses out, rocky standing up and trying for neck crank, rocky just pounding away and rocky just throws phillips and is GnP on phillips, and phillips looks tired

Rocky get Rnd 2 10-9 over Phillips

Rnd 3

This fight looks to go the distance as I called it, its just that both fighters are trying for the same thing, but Rocky is getting better of the clinch control, touch of gloves, phillips looks tired rocky looks fresh, comby by rocky and knee to the body, rocky has clinch control, takedown by rocky, rocky looking for RNC, rocky on top control, rocky gets her on her back, rocky still going for RNC, rocky has full mount, arm triangle attempt by rocky, phillips gets out, phillips on top, phillips on top, now both up, phillips bleeding for nose, time running out for phillips, round over..

Rocky gets Rnd 3 10-9 over Phillips

Looks like Rocky got this fight 30-27 over Phillips.





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