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Randa Markos vs Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger at #UFCOttawa Live Fight Results


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Both fighters have made it to the octagon and are looking impressive to fight…Herb Dean is the REF.

Randa Markos(5-3)* vs. Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger(6-2)

Rnd 1

both fighters are feeling each other out,  Randa really getting the best of Jocelyn, jocelyn held up against the cage and randa landing many punches in the clinch, jocelyn had control in the clinch but was pulled away, jabs by jocelyn, randa also with some heavy jabs, jocelyn gets a takeown, randa has a heel hook but had to let it go, randa with GnP, great round for both fighters,

Markos 10-9 over Lybarger

Rnd 2

both fighters get jabs in, randa gets a right hand that pounds randa, then jocelyn comes back with a left hook that landed hard, jabs by randa are landing hard, jabs by jocelyn land hard, hard body kick by jocelyn, randa goes for takedown but jocelyn defends, leg kick by jocelyn, both fighters are landing hard jabs and hooks and still standing, randa goes for another taked0wn and jocelyn defends

Lybarger 10-9 over Markos

Rnd 3

both fighters come out to feel other again, jocelyn getting some good jabs in randa taking the jabs and still going, good combo by jocelyn, randa gets a takedown, but jocelyn gets back and randa has control against the cage, jocelyn is able to get out and center the cage, hooks by jocelyn, jabs by randa, randa goes for takedown gets it but jocelyn gets back up and is able to get and center the cage, jocelyn getting some good jabs in…

Lybarger 10-9 over Markos

Randa Markos(6-3) Defeats Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger(6-3) By Decision(Unanimous) at #UFCOttawa #UFCFightNight #MMA #WMMA



*Markos did not make weight, she will forfeit a percentage of her purse and the fight will proceed as scheduled




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