Home UFC Live Fight Results Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz at UFC 205

Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz at UFC 205

Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz at UFC 205

Alright Karolina comes out screaming carrying her country flag! and is ready to fight! I can see how she is the #2 contender as she is very skillful fighter and has some hard punches.

And now the champ comes out and its go time, I do have to say that I lost some respect for the champ since her debut on the Ultimate Fighter, I thought she demeaning, rude and just downright nasty, and I just did not like that, I understand that she is an outstanding fighter and reps the belt well, but wow she was just plain nasty on that show. good luck to her…

Joanna Jedrzejczyk(13-0) Defeats Karolina Kowalkiewicz(10-1) By Decision (Unanimous) at UFC 205* (115 lbs)

Rnd 1

no touching of the gloves, karol looks so calm, both fighters checking each other out, leg kick by joanna, jabs by joanna, leg kick by joanna, jabs by karol, inside jabs by karol, jabs by both, leg kicks by joanna, great combo by joanna, more combos by joanna landing hard on karol, clinch move by karol, she has joanna then joanna reverses, now karol reverses, both fighters gets knees to the body, now both move away, combo by joanna, joanna has the clinch now reverses by karol, knees by both, both fighters land jabs to each other to end the round.

Joanna gets Rnd 1 10-9 over Karolina

Rnd 2

both fighters come out swinging, and they both get in clinch and both back away, now the center of the cage, joanna gets many jabs on the inside, elbows by joanna in the clinch, joanna moving much better than karol, another elbow by joanna, now karol has joanna in the clinch, but joanna defending, both fighters get punches in in the clinch, karol puts joanna to the cage, now joanna reverses and just elbows karol. karol survives the round

Joanna gets Rnd 2 10-9 over Karolina

Rnd 3

both fighters come punching and now are in the clinch, karol pressing hard, combos to the face and body by joanna are putting a toll on karol, karol is starting to wear down, joanna again with combos and just hammers down on karol, again combos are just pounding away on karol, karol finally connects and knocks joanna back, now joanna has clinch control on the cage, and again elbows to the had by joanna as she back away, both looking for the knee to the body while in the clinch, karol has clinch control reverse by joanna, elbow by joanna, knee by joanna, elbows by joanna, wow, karol can take a punch

Joanna gets Rnd 3 10-9 over Karolina

Rnd 4

karol is starting to breath hard, push kick by both fighters, high kick by joanna, karol rips into joanna and now joanna has her in clinch control, karol reverses has clinch control, karol gets a nasty punch and stuns joanna, joanna now on her against the cage, karol now stalking joann, karol now  looking for an advantage, karol getting some good jabs, joanna just trying to survive, wow both fighters go out swinging.

Karolina gets Rnd 4 over Joanna 10-9

Rnd 5

touch of gloves, joanna makes a comeback, and karol takes the punches, joanna leg kicking away, karol gets some kicks in, combos by joanna, elbows by joanna, both fighters just pounding away on each other, joanna has clinch on karolina, joanna wants to ride it out on the cage, joanna on her back, elbow and kicks by joanna,

Rnd 4 goes to Joanna 10-9 over Karolina



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