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Invicta FC 18 Play by Play Fight Results Live in Real Time

Invicta FC 18 Play by Play Fight Results Live in Real Time


All fighters have weighed in and are now ready to fight coming up on #UFCFightPass

Here are the weigh-in results from last night…

Strawweight: Alexa Grasso (115.4) vs. Jodie Esquibel (115.8)
Flyweight: Agnieszka Niedzwiedz (125.9) vs Christine Stanley (128.6)
Strawweight: MIZUKI (115.1) vs. Lynn Alvarez (114.8)
Bantamweight: Cindy Dandois (135.4) vs. Jessamyn Duke (135.9)
Featherweight: Megan Anderson (146) vs. Peggy Morgan (144.6)
Atomweight: Tessa Simpson (106) vs. Simona Soukupova (105.6)
Bantamweight: Aspen Ladd (138.1) vs. Jessica Hoy (135)
Bantamweight: Sijara Eubanks (135) vs. Amberlynn Orr (135.2)

Christine Stanley and Aspen Ladd elected not to cut any additional weight and were fined 25 percent of their purse

I hope these fights are well matched tonight… I will be checking on the weigh-ins to see if any missed on this card since in the past fighters seemed to have been missing weight and losing some of their purse…

After a review of the weigh-ins 2 fighters missed weight, but one of the fighters Christine Stanley could not make the weight on 3 days notice which should not be a problem, according to media outlets Agnieszka Niedzwiedz made a problem of it and to me I probably would not of done that Christine is a great fighter and has some pretty nasty knockouts, for Agnieszka she better watch out….


Alexa Grasso(8-0) Defeats Jodie Esquibel(5-2) By Decision (Unanimous) at Invicta FC 18 (115 lbs)

Alexa has been out of the cage for a while with an injury comes back from a long layoff to take on Jodie who has won her past fights with some great finishes, this fight could be a contender fight this division with Invicta. both fighters are confident so it looks to be a barn burner here…

Rnd 1

touch of gloves, and here we go, touch of gloves again, both fighter get jabs in, jodie is wanting this win, good jabs by alexa, jodie catches alexa’s but she was able to get out, knees to the head by alexa, jodie going for takedown but alexa stuffs it, alexa gets a takedown, knees by grasso, elbows by grasso, knees again, alexa just pounding away on jodie, grasso is in beast mode, both fighters get knees to head, jodie goes for clinch, jodie working hard to clinch and alexa is just punching away. jodie looks beat in her corner and grasso looks fresh.

Grasso gets Rnd 1 10-9 over Jodie

Rnd 2

water on the mat, touch of gloves, kick by grasso misses, grasso just getting some great combos in, center of cage, jodie gets a takedown, jabs by jodie, grasso getting some great punches in while jodie is trying hard to get some in but missing, jodie trying to play and grasso is not distracted, jodie now bleeding, grasso just pounding away

Grasso gets Rnd 2 10-9 over Jodie

Rnd 3

grasso looks fresh and jodie is still bleeding, grasso continues to jab away knocking jodies head back, great combo by grasso, grasso just pounding away slowly, jodie is taking the punishment, kicks and heavy punches by grasso and jodie is bleeding heavily, ref check and continues, grasso just pounding away, jodie hanging with a heavy nose bleed, grasso just so technical with her sharp punches, jodie clinches while grasso just pounds away, fight over and jodie hangs in there,

Grasso gets Rnd 3 10-9 over Jodie

Agnieszka Niedzwiedz(8-0) Defeats Christine Stanley(5-2) By Decision (Unanimous) at Invicta FC 18 (125 lbs)

pre fight interviews were hot as both fighters do not like each other and this will be a war….

Rnd 1

no touching of the gloves not surprising there, kicks by aga punch by aga, chris trying to get a jab in, nice left hand punch by chris, big jabs by chris but aga able to take it in, aga chases chris to get some punches in, aga calls out chris for running, chris taunts aga, both fighters are are getting some good punches, aga gets the takedown, aga has clinch and chris trying to get out, aga gets another takedown, chris hold her own and gets back up, and another takedown by aga, lots of knees to the body and legs by aga, chris survives the round and aga looking sharp

Aga gets Rnd 1 10-9 over Chris

Rnd 2

aga gets some hard shots in, chris survives, aga with some good combos, aga left eye swollen, chris just pounding away, aga gets another takedown and now some GnP, chris gets up, both to center, chris holding her own while aga getting some punches in, both fighters get some combo with aga getting the better of them, chris bleeding from nose, aga takedown attempt, elbow by chris and aga has clinch now they break, another takedown by aga, aga on top with control. bell rung

Aga gets Rnd 2 10-9 over Chris

Rnd 3

both fighters bruised a little with aga face looking more bruised, chris palying with aga getting some shots in with aga defending very well, aga with some hard punches but chris holding her own, another takedown by aga now has control, both fighters getting some GnP in with aga on top control, aga going for keylock and chris spinning, ref breaks them up now aga has clinch and knees to the leg, chris breaks away, chris with hard jab, aga goes for takedown and chris defending but was reversed by aga and aga got a takedown..

Aga gets Rnd 3 10-9 over Chris


Mizuki(12-4) Defeats Lynn Alvarez(6-4) By Submission (Armbar) 3:00 Rnd 2 at Invicta FC 18 (115 lbs)

Prefight interviews seem relaxed as both fighters are going to be cautious when battling here a few. Lynn has been out of MMA for the past two years with a knee injury.

Rnd 1

both fighters come out feeling each other out, mizuki looking for that punch chasing lynn, lynn gets a right punch in, good combo by lynn, lynn just keeps circling the cage and mizuki chase, mizuki has clinch against the cage, lynn trying to get out and they break, mizuki going for single leg attempt lynn defending, and now mizuki gets the takedown with throwing lynn down, mizuki on top with control, mizuki looking for a submission along with GnP, GNP by mizuki while on top controk, mizuki has, armbar but lynn gets out, lynn on top control and its over with the bell

Mizuki gets Rnd 1 10-9 over Lynn

Rnd 2

lynn strikes first and now mizuki and lynn punch it out, now lynn has has control and now mizuki gets control, both get knees to the body, mizuki gets knee to the face, arm drag takedown by mizuki and now has top control, going for armbar and lynn gets out, GnP by mizuki, armbar attempt by mizuki and gets it to win the fight.

Rnd 3

Cindy Dandois(7-2) Defeats Jessamyn Duke(3-5) By Submission (Armbar) 1:33 Rnd 1 at Invicta FC 18 (135 lbs)

prefight interviews and Cindy looks more comfortable than in the past, Jessamyn eh she’s not the fighter that she started out to be but this fight could be interesting… yeah Cindy looks much more confident coming into this fight. Jessamyn coming off a loss and looked horrible the last time she fought..

Rnd 1

here we go, touch of gloves, cindy goes for a takedown and has duke on her back and will be looking for submission or some GnP, duke gets up but cindy gets clinch control on the cage, duke has clinch on cindy, but cindy drags duke down and cindy gets the submission for a win….

again cindy did a great job and

Rnd 2

Rnd 3

Megan Anderson(7-2) Defeats Peggy Morgan(4-4) By TKO (Punches) 4:09 Rnd 1 at Invicta FC 18 (145 lbs)

prefight interviews are quiet and both fighters are looking for a win and this fight will be setup to be a war, I don’t think it will goes to distance someone will get a KO or TKO.

Rnd 1

here we go, megan gets first punch, megan has two punches that rocked peggy and peggy looking for a takedown, peggy has clinch control against the cage, peggy trying for a takedown, megan trying to get loose, now megan has peggy against the cage, megan gets a knockdown with a hard punch, peggy hanging but has nice big bump on her left cheek, peggy has clinch control to the cage, megan looks comfortable and gets the reverse, megan just knock out peggy wow, megan is a beast!!

Rnd 2

Rnd 3

Tessa Simpson(5-1) Defeats Simona Soukupova(5-4) By Decision (Unanimous) at Invicta FC 18 (105 lbs)

again prefight interviews are good tonight, both fighters seem shy and there is no bad blood between them, both fighters are seasoned veterans and either fighter could take this fight but it could go the distance….

Rnd 1

here we go, tessa gets first blood with a good combo, simona gets a good jab in but tessa counters back with nice upper jab, tessa catches her and throws a great punch, tessa getting some good kick and punch combo, kicks by simona but no damage, combo punches by tessa are landing hard and simona’s face looks so read, tessa seems a bit faster than simona who is looking for takedown and seems she cannot get to tessa, tessa getting some great kick and punch combos in, simona is just a little slow on this round..

Tessa gets rnd 1 10-9 over Simona

Rnd 2

both fighters come out swining and land punches, everytime simona goes for a punch, tessa counters with some heavy hands, simona has nice lump over her right eye, simona gets a nich punchin but again tessa comes with leg and punch combo, spinning back fist by tessa but misses, both fighters are getting some leg and punch kicks, leg kick to the face by tessa, both fighters pretty hot this round

Tessa gets Rnd 2 10-9 over Simona

Rnd 3

here we go! simona comes out draws first blood with some punches, now simona has clinch on the cage, now tessa reverses and now has clinch to the cage, they both break apart, both fighters are now just throwing hard punches, clinch by simona to the cage, reverse by tessa, now tessa is losing ground, simona just pounding away and now tessa has clinch, break apart, wow both fighters just pounding each other with lots of bruising to each others faces.

Simona gets Rnd 3 10-9 over Tessa

this could be a close call with the judges..

Aspen Ladd(4-0) Defeats Jessica Hoy(1-1) By TKO (GnP) 3:14 Rnd 2 at Invicta FC 18 (135 lbs)

Prefight interviews are great, both fighters looking to come out swinging, each fighter want a TKO or KO no decision in this match..

Rnd 1

Ladd strikes first, hoy also getting some punches in, both fighters are game for this fight, ladd just pounding away with some heavy punches,  ladd getting the better of the punches with hoy having some lumps over her eye, hoy has control against the cage, now they break the cage, ladd working to get out and get a takedown, its a little slow right now, ladd now has control back to hoy now, they break up, hoy going inside but ladd counters, hoy just getting pounded by ladd’s counters, ladd has control to the cage with clinch, it seems hoy is little heavier to spin or takedown,

Ladd gets Rnd 1 over Hoy 10-9

Rnd 2

both fighters face are bruised, ladd comes out pounding and hoy feels a little more comfortable and now getting some jabs, along with some kicks after the punch, Hoy clinches and has control on the cage, knees to the body by Hoy, hoy looking for a takedown still has clinch on the cage, ladd gets a takedown and is top control, ladd on top and looking for GnP, ladd just pound away on the, ladd gets the TKO with some nasty GnP

Rnd 3

Sijara Eubanks(2-1) Defeats Amberlynn Orr(0-1)** By TKO (GnP) 4:41 Rnd 1 at Invicta FC 18 (135 lbs)

Nice prefight interviews both fighters look game, but Orr is pretty raw she will have to face someone who already has 2 fights under her belt, so it will be a big task tonight for Orr who is making her pro debut tonight…

Rnd 1

here we go, ebuanks strike blood first, orr just pacing around the cage trying to stay away from the heavy hands of eubanks, eubanks is getting her right round in and landing on the chin of orr, kicks by eubanks, eubanks gets a takedown before that she got a good jab in, now in control eubanks looking for some type of submission and eubanks is getting some great GnP on orr, now orr is looking an armbar but lost it, eubanks just pounding away while on top, orr trying for submission but lost it, know, eubanks gets the TKO with some hard GnP…

Rnd 2

Rnd 3



Irene Aldana(6-2) vs. Taila Santos(13-0) at Invicta FC 18 (135 lbs) fight canclled Santos visa issues

Claudia Rey who was supposed to fight on this card could not make it due to visa issues along with Talia Santos, both are already scheduled for next Invicta card which has been targeted for September….

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