Invicta FC 12 Weigh-in Results, Fighters miss weight



Four fighters miss weight three will try to attempt to weigh in again and one will not attempt again. This makes another Invicta card in where fighters have missed weight in what many in media, fans and sponsors think what is going with the fighters, is it tough for them to make weight or are fighters not fighting their natural weight.

Many of us in the media and others have been saying for years that if you can’t make the weight, it means that you are not fighting in the right wieght division and you should go back to the division you have been fighting in the past and fight there. Too many times fighters have missed weight due to going down a weight class and in some cases passed out or do not perform at the level they should in the fight. Some fighters can do it but for some its a disaster and its just a blemish on their record and makes the promotion look bad.

Here are the weigh-ins and the ones that missed weight were fined a percentage of their purse which is given to the opposing fighter.

Strawweight Title: Katja Kankaanpää (114.6) vs. Livia Renata Souza (113.9)

Flyweight: Roxanne Modafferi (125.7) vs. Vanessa Porto (126.5)

Featherweight: Amanda Bell (146) vs. Faith Van Duin (145.6)

Bantamweight: Ediane Gomes (134.8) vs. Raquel Pa’aluhi (135.9)

Featherweight: Peggy Morgan (145.7) vs. Latoya Walker (146.5)

Strawweight: Lacey Schuckman (114.8) vs. Jenny Liou (118.2)

Strawweight: Delaney Owen (114) vs. Sharon Jacobson (115.6)

Flyweight: Shannon Sinn (125.3) vs. Maureen Riordon (125.5)

Bantamweight: Gina Begley (135.5) vs. Sijara Eubanks (135)

Porto weighed in at 128.6 on her first attempt and was fined 25 percent of her purse
Pa’aluhi weighed in at 136.1 on her first attempt and was fined 15 percent of her purse
Walker weighed in at 146.6 on her first attempt and was fined 25 percent of her purse
Liou elected not to weigh-in again and was fined 25 percent of her purse

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