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Ilima-Lei Macfarlane vs. Rebecca Ruth at #BellatorMMA157


Live Fight Results in Real Time: Play-by-Play & Round-by-Round Scoring

Ilima-Lei Macfarlane(4-0) Defeats Rebecca Ruth(6-2) By Submission (RNC) 3:00 Rnd 2 at Bellator MMA 157 (125 lbs)

Rnd 1

both fighters touch gloves, ruth strikes blood first knocks macfarlane back and mac goes for the clinch and the takedown, ruth back up, mac on her back standing up, ruth turns her around, mac has a clinch on ruth against the cage with control, both step back to the center of the cage, now feeling each other out again, mac goes for another takedown, ruth elbows from the top, mac has control against the cage with a clinch, will not let go, mac gets another takedown and has top control, ruth has a head lock and gets back up, mac has head lock on ruth, ruth gets out and mac has control against the cage with a clinch, very different fighters in mac lots of clinching and keeping ruth on the cage for most of the round.

Ruth 10-9 over Macfarlane, but it go the other with MacFarlane getting a few takedowns

Rnd 2

ruth goes for a jab and makes it stick, and mac gets another takedown, and now mac has her in RNC and mac has it cranked and ruth is working to get out and ruth gets out and she is very tired, and mac is on her back with GnP, mac is tired and goes for another RNC, ruth gets out again and mac is looking for a way to get up, ruth is back up, and mac is on her back with RNC, and mac gets the RNC.

Ilima-Lei Macfarlane wins fight with a standing RNC in Rnd 2

even tho her game plan was to take it to the ground Ruth put a great defense together but just could not take the third RNC in a row Mac looked weak in her game and if her game is to go for takedowns and win by submissions she has a long way to go in the sport I am sure there are other fighters out there watching what she just did and will work on a d

Rnd 3




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