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IFC 23 Live Fight and Play by Play Results

  • IFC23 Check out our play by play action for each fight tonight here at SportsGeeks…


Agnieszka Niedźwiedź(10-0) Defeats Vanessa Porto(18-8) By Decision (Unanimous) 3×5 at Invicta FC 23 (125 lbs)

Rnd 1

porto goes to center of cage, hard right hand to nied! porto working to get inside of nied! porto landing more shots, nied looking for a way in, takedown by porto now Nied on top, porto on bottom, nied stands up and porto gets up and gets another takedown, guillotine attempt by nied, porto trying to counter, nied lets go, porto on top and now nied gets out and they are back in center, porto get left hand and nied gets hard takedown and now on top of porto, sub attempt by nied the bell saves porto

Agnieszka gets Rnd 1 10-9 over Vanessa

Rnd 2

both are back in center, kicks by kelly landing on the body, front kick by porto, kick to the head by Nied and knocked back porto, porto recovers, but Nied gets clinch, porto gets a takedown now on top control, porto dives and gets caught in triangle attempt by nied, nied working hard to finish sub, porto defending well, slam by porto, sub arm attempt by nied at the closing seconds of the round, both fighters trying for attempt and bell rings with porto getting away from submission

Porto gets Rnd 2 10-9 over Agnieszka


Rnd 3

final round touch of gloves, both in center with jabs and kicks, kick to the body by porto, nied keeps missing her punches and porto landing her jabs, kick to the body by porto, nied goes for takedown and porto defends, porto stalks nied, nied still misses with her punches, takedown again but porto stuffs, more jabs and right hands by porto, porto escapes jabs and punches with nied getting takedown with porto able to escape and get back up, porto stalking hard, nied losing ground adn blood pouring out of her nose or mouth, porto gets the round with sound of bell

Porto gets Rnd 2 10-9 over Agnieszka





Roxanne Modafferi(21-13) Defeats Sarah D’Alelio(11-7) By TKO (Cut to the Head) 1:37 Rnd 3 at Invicta FC 23 (125 lbs)

Rnd 1

cool, touch of gloves before the while Roxy getting into the cage,  roxy goes down with right hand by sarah, sarah gets some good punches, both fighters in center, sarah in trouble with roxy punching her way to a takedown and sarah now trying to recover with roxy on top, sarah looking for armbar, roxy on top, and sarah looking for sub attempt,  roxy on side control, roxy on back and looking for some sub attempt, roxy on bottom with sarah in control, armbar attempt by roxy and sarah gets out by slamming roxy to the mat,

Roxy gets Rnd 1 10-9 over Sarah

Rnd 2

here we go, both in center, jabbing away, roxy knocks sarah down and roxy gets control now on the back of sarah, roxy looking for a way to get sub attempt, roxy pounding away, armbar by roxy but had to let it go, roxy going for armbar, sarah defending, roxy sweeps sarah now in full mount, sarah in trouble, sarah trying to get out, elbows by roxy,  roxy doing her best in a sub attempt,

Roxy gets Rnd 2 10-9 over Sarah


Rnd 3

here we go, roxy just pounding away on sarah and sarah losing ground, roxy takes it to the ground,  on top control,   roxy punching the side of the head of sarah while on top control, roxy wins by TKO with a viscous elbow and sarah is bleeding heavily,

Roxy wins and becomes the monster tonight..





Herica Tiburcio(11-4) Defeats Tessa Simpson(5-2) By Decision (Split) 3×5 at Invicta FC 23 (105 lbs)

Rnd 1

here we go tessa has clinch control on the cage, reverse by herica, herica on top looking for submission, both are getting some good GnP while on the ground, herica in control on top, tessa was trying to get out of herica’s top control but can’t do it, herica on top control, both fighters are up now in center, tessa gets a takedown now on top control, tessa on back of herica and the bell rings.

Herica gets Rnd 1 10-9 over Tessa

Rnd 2

here we go, tessa gets jabs trough, herica now right hands tessa, tessa moving about the cage and herica chases her down, now tessa on clinch control against the cage, herica gets a takeown now on top control, tessa trying to escape but herica gets her stuck on the cage, tessa gets back up and herica goes for takedown, herica in guillotine attempt but tessa countering, tessa gets out, herica on bottom and losing position, tessa on top in control at the bell.

Tessa gets Rnd 2 10-9 over Herica

Rnd 3

now fighters in center of cage, looking for a TKO or some type of submission attempt, tessa landing some hard right hand to herica’s chin, simpson not as bloody from her last fight, herica looking for a way in but both fighters are backing out, with tessa landing with right hands to the chin, both fighters land hard right hands to snap back each other necks, pace is slower for this round, more punches lands on herica’s chin, now herica gets a takedown now on top control, tessa holding, both fighters are GnP from the ground, with tessa being on the bottom and herica in control on top, fight goes the bell with both fighters punching their way through..

Herica gets Rnd 3 10-9 over Tessa




Kelly Faszholz(4-2) Defeats Elizabeth Phillips(6-6) By Decision (Unanimous) 3×5 at Invicta FC 23 (135 lbs) this will be at catchweight (140 lbs)

Rnd 1

here we go, phillips stalks forward but kelly hangs, both get tough jabs on the head, now kelly on clinch control against the cage, both separate now in center, takedown attempt by phillips but is countered, kelly in control looking for takedown on the cage, knees by kelly, kelly picks up phillips but doesn’t get a takedown, both fighters come out swinging from the clinch, with phillips punching wildly, kelly punches her way to win the round

Kelly gets Rnd 1 10-9 over Phillips

Rnd 2

now in center, kelly comes out jabbing, again phillips goes punching wildly again, kelly in command with her punches, now kelly in control against the cage, knees to the body by kelly, serious punches after breaking apart by kelly, phillips hangs, kelly in command with jabs and right punches, kelly has bloody nose by left hand punch of phillips, phillips lip is bleeding, kelly again commands her punches on phillips to the cage, phillips is taking all the punches by kelly, kelly now in control on the cage, and knees the body of phillips, takedown attempt by kelly but phillips grabs the cage to counter and is warned by ref to not do that again,

Kelly gets Rnd 2 10-9 over Phillips


Rnd 3

both come to cneter and punch but only kelly connects, now kelly has control on the cage now, kelly throwing upper cuts now separate both in center, kelly in control of the round, phillips is countering but just can’t connect and is off balance, kick to the body by kelly, right hand punches by kelly pushing phillips back, phillips missing her punches, kelly gets takedown, now on top control with kelly looking for a submission, phillips looking for GnP and has control, heel hook attempt by kelly but bails and now on the back of phillips

Kelly gets Rnd 3 10-9 over Phillips



Andrea Lee(7-2) Defeats Liz Tracy(3-2) By Decision (Split) 3×5 at Invicta FC 23 (125 lbs)

I am not to excited for this fight, Andrea has been flagged by USADA and was suspended almost a year and is coming back from that suspension which I really don’t like; cause in my mind once you try to cheat you will always look for ways to cheat more, not matter if you didn’t know what you were taking or knew what your taking its still being flagged and getting suspended is not a way a fighter should compete. I hope andrea is really clean and never get caught again. I hope Liz Tracy is fighting a clean fighter!

Rnd 1

here we go, liz rounds the cage and jab by lee, liz goes for takedown and lee counters, now lee gets a takedown slam, but both are back up and back in space. lee gets another takedown with slamming liz’s head to the mat, liz gets top control and looking for a submission, lee reverses and is able to back up and now both fighters are in space. flurry of punches by both fighters, lee gets another takedown now on her back,  looking for a RNC, liz in trouble now lee in trouble, now gets in side control, liz falls back and now lee on top, bell rings

Lee gets Rnd 1 10-9 over Liz

Rnd 2

liz moving around the cage and lee chasing, MG comes out for lee but she gets it back and fight continues, both fighters feeling each other with jabs, and liz goes for another takedown but lee is able to stuff it and both get back up with lee against the cage and liz in control, back in space, both fighters are just looking for ways to get into face with flurry of punches, right overhand lands but does not damage lee, lee gets hard punch but liz is able to hold composure, elbow by lee, lee controlling the cage with punches and liz of off center with many takedown attempts, liz gets takedown but does not do anything as bell rings

Lee gets Rnd 2 10-9 over Liz


Rnd 3

here we go both fighters looking for TKO or KO,  liz misses, lee gets right punch, liz goes for takedown and now has clinch control on the cage, now the break back in center, good right hand by liz, now liz has clinch control, now still in clinch control on lee, liz holding steady, lee is able to get up from clinch, they break, good combo by liz, good right hand by lee, liz now connecting, height advantage of lee taking a big part of Liz’s game, liz is able to get a takedown now on top control and lee is trying for submission attempt, lee is able to get up and now liz is back in control on the cage, liz going for takedown but lee counters and stays up and now the bell

Liz gets Rnd 3 10-9 over Lee



Ediane Gomes(11-4) Defeats Pam Sorenson(5-2) By Decision (Split) 3×5 at Invicta FC 23 (145 lbs)

Pam makes a trip back to 145lbs after having a hard time making 135lbs and the same goes for Ediane who has lost a few fights at 135lbs and feels stronger at 145lbs, this is an ok matchup, Ediane will make it go the distance if she cannot get a KO or TKO…

Rnd 1

here we go, pam comes out jabbing, ediane missing but now has clinch, now takedown by ediane, ediane on top looking for some GnP, now ediane just getting some good elbows in, more jabs to the body by ediane, pam looking for a way to escape, ediane just having her way on top of pam, more GnP by ediane, many elbows to pam’s head, ediane full guard on top and just poudning away on pam, pam is not having any moves from the bottom, pam kicks ediane off, now looking for up kicks she gets a few, now ediane bleeding from top of nose

Ediane gets Rnd 1 10-9 over Pam

Rnd 2

now ediane landing some hard shots, pam in trouble, ediane has clinch control against the cage, ediane getting some good punches to pam while in the clinch, now back in space, ediane with flurry punches and now gets leg trip and gets a takedown now ediane on top with control, ediane in complete control on top,  pam having a hard time, now england gets them to stand up, both get punches in, pam bleeding form left eye, jabs by pam, ediane chasing pam, with ediane getting a flurry punches and them it goes back and forth bell rings

Ediane gets Rnd 2 10-9 over Pam

Rnd 3

both fighters come jabbing, kicks by ediane but they are missing, sneaky jabs by pam, ediane counters but doesn’t connect,  wow hard punch shots to the head of pam, pam survives, more punches by ediane, pam working her best to get in the inside of ediane, ediane is countering very well, more shots to the head by both, ediane is taking all the punches by pam and surviving but some hard shots by ediane are starting to hamper pam, ediane goes for takedown but pam does not want any of it and backs up to stay standing up till the bell rings

Ediane gets Rnd 3 10-9 over Pam



Tiffany Van Soest(1-1)  Defeats Christine Ferea(1-1) By Decision (Unanimous) 3×5 at Invicta FC 23 (115 lbs)

even tho Tiffany has an advantage in MT, christine is a brawler that can pound you into next week!

Rnd 1

Here we go! both take to the center, chris and tiff both kick to find a line, tiff gets a jab, chris jabs her way to tiff, small jab by tiff, chris catches kick, chris now stalking tiff but comes back with elbow to the head, chris catches leg of tiff’s and now controls her back to clinch against the cage! chris looking for a way to get some clinch punching in, elbow by chris, chris has complete control on the cage, spinning fist by tiff, kick and punch combos by chris, tiff trying to counter but looks slow,

Christine gets Rnd 1 10-9 over Tiffany

Rnd 2

both come out swinging, kick by tiff to chris’s head, chris missing with her punches, more punches being thrown by chris she’s missing, tiff is not countering at, she’s looking for knockout punch, now tiff gets chris against the cage with control, chris looking at jabs and connecting, tiff gets punches but not making any noise, head kick by tiff but no damage done, chris slips but she’s able to get up, cleanly gets punches in by chris, bell rings

Christine get Rnd 2 10-9 over Tiffany

Rnd 3

this is the last round, kicks by tiff, jabs by tiff, both fighters looking for an opening, now Tiff gets takedown and now on top but chris reverses, tiff trying to survive with chris pushing her head to the mat, chris is now getting some good GnP in, tiff looking for a submission from the bottom, but chris is countering with heavy elbows and punches, slam by chris, now chris standing up just trying to find a way down and does gets in side control on tiff, knees to the back of tiff, tiff in trouble with chris on top; just having her way with her! chris just pounding her way in full mount, and chris makes it to the bell with being on top.

Christine gets Rnd 3 10-9 over Tiffany


Shaianna Rincón(1-0)** Defeats Brooksie Bayard(1-2) By Decision (Unanimous) 3×5 at Invicta FC 23 (135 lbs)

This fight looks to be even, both fighters are looking great to start off the night!

Rnd 1

here we go! no touch of gloves, brooksie comes out swinging and now both are in the clinch with yaya getting control, yaya takes the back of bayard, yaya in control with RNC, GnP by yaya, yaya pounding on bayard sitting on her back, now yaya on her back with bayard on top, bayard on top with control, bayard back up and now both on top, bayard jabbing away and connecdting, bayard with another takedown, now bayard with clinch control against the fence, they both push off, no center of cage, bell rings…

Yaya gets rnd 1 10-9 over Bayard

Rnd 2

to the center, yaya comes ourt swining and connects, bayard missing with her punches, now yaya has control center of cage, bayard trying hard to get kicks in and connects, yaya in control with her punches on bayard, elbows standing by yaya, yaya going for takedown, yaya in clinch, bayard reverses, bayard gets a takedown that was very slow, yaya on her back with bayard kicking standing up, yaya gets ref to let her up, yaya now in center and just commanding those punches on bayard! wow Yaya just pounding her way to Rnd 2 win

Yaya gets Rnd 2 10-9 over Bayard

Rnd 3

final round coming up and this should yaya’s round also, bayard is swelling from the face and under the right eye,

now bayard gets a flurry punches to connect, yaya just hanging in there and timing her shots, bayard comes forward and just lands a another flurry of punches, bayard throwing punches but they are not connecting,  yaya just having her way with bayard with combo kicks and punches, yaya still connecting with her punches, and now yaya had clinch control and gets a knee to the face of bayard,   bayard reverses and now tries to punch out yaya, but yaya comes back with a counters, brooksie just trying to make a comeback but yaya makes it go to the bell.

Yaya gets Rnd 3 10-9 over Bayard





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