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Faith Van Duin and Cyborg a possibility for IFC 13?


According to the press conference that happened at IFC 12 Shannon Knapp was asked who would be the next challenger for Cris Cyborg at IFC 13, since Faith did call out Cyborg after her fight, in Las Vegas. Shannon said that Faith would be next choice and “hey no one is stepping up”.

Shannon did ask Faith directly “Do you want this fight” and Faith said “Yes I want this fight” so we are waiting for an official announcement from Invicta since Shannon said that this will happen and hey why not make it official since Faith wants it and Cyborg always says she will fight anyone.

Faith is coming off a impressive win at IFC 12 and was asked at the press conference why not Charmaine Tweet? Faith says “I want to be the champion”.

Invicta what are you waiting for lets make this official?

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