Daria Ibragimova who is she? and how did she get matchup?


Daria who hails from Sevastopol, Ukraine and that’s according to her profile at mysportsgeeks.com, has a professional record of 9-1 with that loss coming to Cindy Dandois a submission in the first round. Dandois who was heavily favored to fight Cyborg in the next Invicta fight card was passed over for Ibragimova.

Daria’s record is not what it seems, she has not a fought a top 10 fighter and only fought fighters with losing records or fighters that only have a few fights under their belt. Her last fight was back in March of this year.

Only 2 of 9 victories came against a fighter with a winning career record, and only 2 of 9 vs. opponent with five or more professional fights

This match-up between Ibragimova and Cyborg seems to be one sided and odd, makes you wonder if the matchmaking is really up to par for InvictaFC  in the upcoming new year.

Is the matchmaker really looking out for the fighters welfare; just because Daria has a record of 9-1 does not make that fighter the best athlete to fight the champion of the world in the Featherweight class especially against Cyborg who will be heavily favored in this upcoming event.

There has to be a fighter out there with a better record and fought some of the people in the top 10 in either Featherweight and Bantamweight division and willing to fight Cyborg, but Invicta FC may have no choice to make this match-up because no one wants to fight Cyborg, besides Cindy Dandois who Invicta passed over, nobody wants to move up in weight or everyone is too scared to take her on.

So this is what we have a main card fight between two fighters on UFC Fight Pass that will probably not last long and will not be a challenge for Cyborg, but hey a unknown fighter could be the one to take down the champ you never know.

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