Cyborg confirms that she is signed with the UFC must fight at 135 in Invicta


According to Cris has said that Lorenzo Fretitta has signed her and is going after Rousey. Rousey who has been adamant about Cyborg making 135 and doing a drug testing throughout a training camp if a fight signed on the dotted line? Cyborg has failed two drug test once here in the U.S. and once in her home country of Brazil back in 2008, now I have always said that once a cheat always a cheat and once a drug user always a drug user. That’s just the way it works in the minds of the people that do that all the time. They just cannot stand losing and will do anything to win.

Other media outlets and Shannon Knapp herself said that she is signed with the UFC to shut the rumors up and if Cyborg wants to fight Rousey she has to fight at 135lbs in Invicta FC before a fight with Ronda can happen. We are not sure if that would be a title fight since the bantamweight division in Invicta FC is vacant but it would make sense to make it a title fight since it is Cyborg.

Right now Cyborg is slated to fight in July for Invicta FC 13 no opponent has been chosen at this time, but makes you wonder if this is the fight that Cyborg might hit 135lbs at but as of right the card is just showing Cyborg at the headliner and defending her title at 145lbs.

This is the fight that everyone wants Rousey vs. Cyborg and they may get it if Cyborg makes the successful weight and wins the fight she will get that shot.

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