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Cyborg 135lbs Tweet 145lbs Headlines IFC 10 Dec 5th


According to sources Charmaine Tweet will be on the IFC 10 card and has started training camp for her upcoming fight. With the 145lbs division getting hot with addition of Bellator taking a big chunk of fighters in the that division who are in the top 5. Who do you think will be up to the challenge to take on Charmaine? Please leave some comments below.

Charmaine who is ranked #2 in 145lbs and ranked #1 155lbs  in the wmma world rankings will continue to fight in both division and is working on getting titles in both divisions. When was the last time a female fighter held title belts in both divisions?

Charmaine is coming off a superb win against Veronica Rothenhausler at IFC – 8 with a TKO and hopes to do that to her next opponent.

It looks like that IFC 10 card is coming together and will be a stacked check out sportsgeeks for more updates on this card.


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